Should I Attend Admitted Student Events?

Should I Attend Admitted Student Events? Learn more about these types of events so you can make your decision to attend or not.

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College Admissions Decisions Are Coming Soon

College Admissions Decisions Are Coming Soon

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What are Admitted Student Events?

Congratulations on being admitted to college! After being admitted, many colleges invite students to admitted student events. However, what do these events entail?

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Don’t send in that deposit just yet

It may be tempting to sending in your deposit after being accepted to your dream school, but wait! Do these things before confirming your enrollment at the college you plan to attend.

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Congratulations, you’re accepted! Now what?

Decision letters have arrived. You now have until May 1 to decide what college you will be attending in the fall. But, how do you make the hard decision of choosing the college that is the best school for you?…

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