College Research

Researching colleges is a big task. With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, many students don’t know how to narrow down the list. In addition to working with your college counselor, there are a few things I recommend students do to build their college list.

  • College Search. There are many ways to narrow down college lists. Many students start their college search by using college search sites. After entering preferences, the college search sites will produce a college list that includes colleges that meet the student’s preferences.
  • College Fairs. College fairs allow students to learn about numerous colleges in one room. Typically every college will have a booth or table and at least one representative who can answer questions about the institution.
  • College Visit. As students are narrowing down their college lists, they should always try to visit the college campuses. An actual college visit is the only way for students to get a real feel for the college campuses and community.
  • Virtual Tours. If you cannot make it to the college campus, many colleges offer virtual tours of their campuses. These tours allow students to see pictures and videos of the college campuses from the convenience of their computer or mobile device.



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