Religious Scholarships

Churches, synagogues, and religious organizations like to help students pay for their education. Below are scholarships for students of specific faiths.

Fraternal Scholarship
Sponsor: Catholic Order of Foresters
Amount: $5,000 ($1,250 for four years)
Closing Date: October 31, 2020
Description: Scholarship is open to high school juniors and seniors who are members of the Catholic Order of Foresters.

Champions for Christ Scholarship
Sponsor: Champion for Christ Foundation
Amount: Varies
Closing Date: November 1, 2020
Description: Scholarship is open to students who have surrendered their lives to full-time Christian service and are preparing for full-time Christian ministry.

Harvey Fellows Program
Sponsor: Mustard Seed Foundation
Amount: $16,000
Closing Date: November 1, 2020
Description: Program is open to Christian students who are pursuing graduate studies at premier universities in fields considered to be underrepresented by Christians and who possess a unique vision to impact society through their vocations. Past successful applicants were preparing for careers in Business, Economics, Finance, International diplomacy, security, journalism and media, visual and performing arts, public policy, and applied and theoretical sciences. Students from all nations are encouraged to apply.

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