College Applications

College applications have come a long way. For most colleges, the only way to apply is to submit an online application. Below are common college applications students will use during the college admissions process.

Common Application  Nearly 700 colleges and universities throughout the world accept the Common Application. Member colleges are diverse – there are public, private, large, small, religious, and secular institutions. Students can apply to multiple colleges using just one application.

Cappex Application* – 125 colleges and universities accept the Cappex Application! And, there is no application fee!

Universal College Application – 23 colleges and universities accept the Universal College Application. The majority of the institutions are located in the United States.

Coalition Application for Access, Affordability, and Success – The Coalition for Access Affordability, and Success started accepting application during the 2016-2017 school year. Approximately 90 American institutions use the Coalition application.

Common Black College Application – 49 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) accept the Common Black Application. Students can apply to any number of the 49 HBCUs for $35.

Apply Texas – Students can use Apply Texas to apply to any Texas public university, as well as participating community and private colleges.

CSU Mentor – All 23 California State University campuses accept the CSU Mentor application.

University of California Application – All nine University of California campuses accept the UC Application.

Apply SUNY – 52 of the 64 SUNY campuses accept the Apply SUNY application.

Check with the colleges you are considering to learn more about the specific admissions requirements and the application they will expect you to submit to be considered for admission.

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