College Search

The first thing students need to do when starting to build their college list is to get to know themselves and their preferences. Students should think about all of the things they want and need in a college.

Once students compile their preferences, their next step should be a college search site. College search sites are a great way to discover colleges. Most will allow you to input your preferences and will return a list of colleges that will meet your preferences.

College Navigator
College Navigator ( is a great resource from the U.S. Department of Education. All data comes directly from the official data colleges submit to the Department of Education. You can explore schools based on a large variety of criteria and get information such as majors, population, and acceptance rates.

College Board – Big Future
Big Future ( comes to us from College Board, the same people who administer the SAT. The search results will not only give you a list of colleges, but also general information about each of the colleges on the list.