Category: College Majors

Filling the Void: 5 Reasons a Healthcare Degree is a Good Career Move

Guest blogger Kara Masterson gives us some reasons to consider a degree in healthcare.

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5 Ways To Choose The Right College Major

Not sure what major to choose? Guest blogger Martha Kangas shares five ways to choose a major.

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Types of Jobs Available in the eSports Industry [Infographic]

Interested in eSports? It’s not just for fun – there are careers available in eSports. Computer Planet shares an Infographic with some of the possibilities.

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10 Counseling Careers to Consider

Do you like helping people? Maybe a career in counseling is for you. Guest Blogger Syrenna Kononovitch shares 10 counseling professions you can consider.

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How to Create an Interesting Art Portfolio for Your College Application

A small guide on creating a good art portfolio for your college application – Guest blog by Isabella Foreman

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