Choosing the Right College Major

Your choice for a major does not need to be so narrow says guest blogger Beatrice Howell.

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5 Intriguing Health Fields to Study in College

Thinking you want to study medicine, but not sure what discipline? Guest blogger Dixie Somers shares five fields in medicine to consider.

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Mysterious Money: 4 Degrees that can be Surprisingly Lucrative

Thinking about college majors? Guest Blogger Kara Masterson shares four degrees that can be surprising lucrative.

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Types of Jobs Available in the eSports Industry [Infographic]

Interested in eSports? It’s not just for fun – there are careers available in eSports. Computer Planet shares an Infographic with some of the possibilities.

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Considering an Education in Law? 5 Things to Know First

Are you considering law school? Guest Blogger Dixie Somer shares five things to know about when thinking about law school

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