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Essential Questions to Ask Yourself before Taking Up a Double Major

Thinking about double majoring? Guest Blogger Rachel Bartee gives us nine questions to ask before choosing to double major.

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Do You Really Need A Degree? The Benefits Of Furthering Your Education

Wondering if higher education is necessary? Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan shares some of the benefits of higher education.

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Considering an Education in Law? 5 Things to Know First

Are you considering law school? Guest Blogger Dixie Somer shares five things to know about when thinking about law school

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Prepping for College: How to Ready Yourself for Choosing a Degree

Guest Blogger Kara Masterson gives some tips to make sure you are choosing the right major.

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8 Helpful Resources I Wish I Knew Before Writing an Essay

We all need resource when writing essay. Guest blogger Karen Dikson shares eight resources for you to consider.

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