College Athletics

Athletic Programs

  • NCAA. National Collegiate Athletic Association. Provides information about sports and institutions. Learn about Division I, Division II, and Division III colleges and universities, as well as the requirements student athletes must meet to be eligible to compete.
  • NAIA. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is the governing body of small athletics programs.
  • NJCAA. National Junior College Athletic Association.

Get Recruited

There are multiple ways you can get on the radar of college coaches. Some students are lucky enough to have coaches reach out directly to them. However, if you are interested in playing for a particular college, go to the athletics page of the college and fill out the athlete questionnaire or request information. Some coaches also use student recruit sites, such as:


Some students receive athletic scholarships from the college they attend. However, not all student athletes receive scholarships. Therefore, I have compiled a list of private scholarships open to student athletes.

Nearly 8 million students play high school athletes. Unfortunately, not all students will be able to compete at the collegiate level. Check out the statistics the NCAA has compiled that gives us the estimated probability of competing at the collegiate level.




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