Scholarship Guidelines

It is important to JLV College Counseling to only share legitimate scholarship opportunities. JLV College Counseling screens all scholarships that are listed on the website. Therefore, scholarships must meet requirements to be included on the JLV College Counseling website.

Scholarship Requirements

If you have a scholarship you would like to post on JLV College Counseling, it must meet the following guidelines:

  • Scholarship does not ask students for social security number or other sensitive personal information.
  • Scholarship does not require an application fee to apply.
  • Contact information for the scholarship provider, such as address, phone number and/or email address is easily accessible on the scholarship link.
  • Scholarship provider does not display ads or affiliate links on website.
  • Scholarship eligibility requirements must be clearly outlined on the scholarship page.
  • Required materials and documentation required by the applicant must be clearly outlined on the scholarship page.
  • Website should have a “privacy policy” link visible on the scholarship provider’s website that provides business/organization information, information detailing whether or not they are collecting information, policy on collected information, and information on opting out of further communication.

Scholarship Submission Requirements

If you are interested in having your scholarship listed on JLV College Counseling, please provide a direct link to the scholarship. If it meets the guidelines above, it will be added to the JLV College Counseling website. If it does not meet all of the guidelines, I will contact you with questions or concerns.

Please submit your scholarship to JLV College Counseling by filling out the following contact form.


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