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About Jessica

Jessica has over ten years of experience in higher education and has served as an admission officer and director. She uses her inside knowledge to help students and their families as they move through the college search and admission process.


Research is key when finding your best-fit school. Here are some resources for students and their families to use as they research colleges and information about the college admission process.

Admissions Tips

Admission Decision – Waitlisted

Waitlisted? Now what?

I wasn’t admitted. Now what?

Rejection hurts! However, you have options!

Think Twice Before Reacting to a College Rejection

Rejection Hurts! Gake time to think before making any rash decisions.

May 2018 Scholarships

Scholarships with May deadlines!

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April 2018 Scholarships

Scholarships with April deadlines!

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March 2018 Scholarships

Big list of scholarships with March deadlines!

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