Should I retake the SAT or ACT?

There is no magic number for how many times you should take the SAT or ACT. You may find taking the SAT once is enough for you. Or, you might want to take the ACT two or three times. There are no penalties for taking the SAT or ACT multiple times. You may decide to take the SAT and ACT to see if you will do better on one than the other. So, how many times should you take college entrance exams? The answer lies with you and the colleges you are considering. Keep the following things in mind when deciding if you should retake the SAT or ACT. Read More


I’ve Sent in My Tuition Deposit. Now What?

Congratulations! You have been admitted to a college or colleges and now you have decided on the college you will attend in the fall. Although you have made your final selection and paid your tuition deposit, there are still some things to do before heading off to college in the fall. Read More

Scholarship Saturday – April 14, 2018

There are thousands of scholarships out there. Below you will find many scholarships, most with general eligibility requirements. My goal is to share some lesser-known scholarships with my readers every Saturday.

Don’t wait. Apply for these great scholarships today! And, if you missed the last Scholarship Saturday, check it out. There are scholarships there that are still open! You can also find scholarships on my other scholarship lists, such as scholarships with requirements based on your statemajorgrade levelethnicity, or religion. And, lastly, check out my list of scholarships with April,  May and June deadlines.

Only brief information about each scholarship is listed. Therefore, you are encouraged to visit the scholarship websites to get further details about eligibility and requirements.

Here are 108 scholarships for Saturday, April 14, 2018. Read More

7 Brilliant Ways to Maximize Your Earnings in College

College is one of the most fun times in a person’s life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. This time can be especially difficult if you’re worried about money, which is the reality for most students.

Finding balance between academics and having a social life without going broke can be exhausting. Are you looking to find a side hustle that will help supplement your time while in school?

Check out these seven clever ways you can earn extra money while in college. Read More

June 2018 Scholarships

Attending college can be quite expensive for students and their families. Luckily, there are many college scholarships and contests available to help pay for a college education. Students should seek out and apply for scholarships in which they meet the eligibility requirements. Below are a handful of scholarships with June 2018 due dates. Check out the full list of June Scholarships – there are currently just under 300 scholarships on the list! More scholarships will be added as they become available. Read More