Do You Really Need A Degree? The Benefits Of Furthering Your Education

After finishing thirteen years of K-12 education, many people are too sick of school to think about subjecting themselves to another 2 to 4 years or more. The expense in both time and tuition dollars is often seen as prohibitive and not worth the effort. While it is true that pursuing a college degree takes time and money, there are many reasons why you will want to put aside more immediate desires and pursue a college degree. Read More


College Visit Tip: Go Off Course and Script

The official college tour introduces prospective students and their families to many wonderful things about the institution. In addition to being shown many important places on campus, the official tour will share facts about the institution, personal stories from the tour guide, and tips for applying for admission and financial aid. The official tour should not be missed. However, the tour is a marketing tool and will typically be highly scripted. Beautiful places on campuses will be highlighted, while less attractive locations may be missed. Therefore, it is important to go a little off course and off script when visiting colleges. Read More

Scholarship Saturday – April 22, 2017

There are thousands of scholarships out there. Some are large scholarships that are well publicized, while others are lesser known. My goal is to share some lesser-known scholarships with my readers every Saturday.

Don’t wait. Apply for these great scholarships today! And, if you missed the last Scholarship Saturday, check it out. There are scholarships there that are still open! Lastly, check out my list of scholarships April, May and June due dates.

Only brief information about each scholarship is listed. Therefore, you are encouraged to visit the scholarship websites to get further details about eligibility and requirements.

Here are 127 scholarships for Saturday, April 22, 2017. Read More

Considering an Education in Law? 5 Things to Know First

If you’re considering pursuing a law degree and eventually a masters of law so that you can qualify to take the bar exam in your state and become an attorney, here’s what you need to know before sending out your law school applications. Read More

15 things to do after submitting your tuition deposit

For many students, it has been over a year since they started really thinking about college. The time has come to make the final decision and send in your tuition deposit to confirm your enrollment in the fall. However, you are not finished after submitting your deposit. Here are 15 easy, but important, things to do after submitting your tuition deposit. Read More