Choosing the right safety schools

Choosing the right safety schools | JLV College Counseling Blog

Students applying to college are encouraged to choose a good mix of safety, match, and reach schools. However, many students do not take the time to find the right safety schools to add to their list. Instead, many students add a safety school to their list with no intention of even considering the school. Unfortunately, the term “safety school” has received a bad reputation. Many students think of safety schools as the last resort, but they should not be seen this way. The definition of a safety school is one that is likely to admit a student. This, in no way, means the college is a poor choice with mediocre academic opportunities.

As college admission becomes more competitive, students should ensure they apply to colleges they are likely to be admitted. While no one envisions being denied from any college, it is always a possibility as admissions committees continue to receive more and more applications every year. Therefore, students should choose the safety schools on their list just as they do their match and reach schools. Safety schools should be colleges the students can see themselves happily attending.

Before students apply to any college, including a safety school, they should research the college. A safety school should be a good match academically, socially, and financially. Students should find colleges that meet their desires for a college, including size, location, and program offerings. In addition, students should spend the time visiting a college campus to ensure they enjoy the atmosphere of the college and the surrounding community. The research and campus visit could turn a student’s “safety” school into their top choice.

There is no shame in attending a safety school. Just because a college is “easier” to get into does not mean it is a poor choice. A Gallop poll from 2014 suggests it does not matter where a person attends college. The study suggests that a student’s life in college matters most, meaning their happiness and engagement at the college. Choosing a college is not just about names and prestige. Instead, students need to find a college that is a good match for them. For some students, the best college for them could be a safety school. Therefore, whatever college a student chooses, even if it is a safety school, should be one the student will enjoy.

Students should take their time choosing safety schools. No one wants to settle for a college, but it can happen if students do not choose their safety schools carefully. By settling on a college, a student can end up having an unhappy college experience. Instead, students should thoughtfully choose every college they apply to, including their safety school.

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