What are Admitted Student Events?

What are Admitted Student Events? | JLV College Counseling Blog

Congratulations on being admitted to a college or colleges! Now that you have been admitted, you have probably been invited to an admitted student event at one or all of the colleges that have sent you acceptance letters. But, what do these events entail?

While you were waiting for the decision letters, the colleges were in control. The colleges were deciding if they were going to admit you or not. Now that you are admitted, you are in control. You have the power to choose what college to attend. One way that colleges try to impress you in hopes you will choose them is by putting on fun and informational admitted student events.

Admitted student events will be slightly different, depending on the college and its personality. Some will be all about having fun, while others will be very “business-like.” The one thing they probably all will have in common is that the colleges will be doing everything they can to impress you and your family. Therefore, be prepared to see the college at its best. There will be fun events, guest speakers, and the food will probably be amazing. The college may not always look like this, but it will give you an idea about the college and how you fit in on campus.

If the admitted student event is your first time stepping on campus, take a campus tour. The Admissions Office will offer campus tours guided by current students. This will be a great time to see much of the campus and hear from students who attend the college. Other things you might see at an admitted student event can include:

  • Information Sessions – departments on campus, such as career services, housing, health services, etc. will share what they have to offer students. If you plan on taking advantages of any of these things, go to the sessions.
  • Learn about Academic Departments – Many professors will be available to discuss the departments and your questions. You’ll probably also have opportunities to talk to current students in the departments. Talk to the students to find out how they like the classes and professors and learn about the opportunities they have received by studying the major at the institution.
  • Club Fair – getting involved outside of the classroom is part of the college experience. The club fair is the perfect opportunity to start connecting with current students before you start school in the fall.
  • Meet with Departments – if you have questions about financial aid, paying for what financial aid does not cover, student employment, the offices will be open to answer your questions. Because many students will have questions, make an appointment when you arrive on campus, or before you arrive on campus, to ensure you get face time with the departments you need to talk to.
  • The Residence Halls – Many admitted student events have overnight components built-in. If you are planning on living on campus when attending the college, spend the night on campus. Take full advantage of this opportunity and see what your living accommodations might look like when you attend college.
  • Food – You will be eating a lot of college food when you are attending a college. Food is not the same at every college. Therefore, take advantage of this situation and try all of the food options on campus. You will want to make sure you’ll be able to eat this food every day while school is in session.
  • Have fun – besides all of the official business, there may be fun events such as scavenger hunts, concerts, comedy shows, and/or talent shows. Have fun; you deserve it! These events will also help you connect with other students who are trying to decide if they will be attending in the fall.

Most importantly, talk to the current and incoming students. They are your future classmates. You might even meet your future roommate. Meeting students and making a connection at the admitted student event will make attending the school in the fall so much easier. Instead of arriving on campus in the fall and not knowing anyone, you’ll already have friends! Stay in touch after the admitted student event – exchange phone numbers, emails, and/or add each other on social media.

Lastly, pay attention to your feelings while you are on campus. If you have a good feeling about the school, then it might just be the place for you. But, if something is not feeling right, pay attention to that feeling. You only want to commit to a college you will feel good attending.

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