Should I Attend Admitted Student Events?

Should I Attend Admitted Student Events? | JLV College Counseling BLog

As you start to receive acceptance letters, you will also receive invitations to admitted student events. But, what is an admitted student event and should you attend? The decision will be different for each student and family. Therefore, I’ll share what an admitted student event is and what you should consider as you are making your decision to attend or not.

What is an admitted student event?

Events for admitted students will look different at every college you are considering. But, they will have some similarities. Now that you have been admitted, the ball is in your court and the colleges know this. Colleges know you have probably received acceptance letters from others college and you’re trying to decide what college to attend. Therefore, many admitted student event will seem like the colleges are “rolling out the red carpet” for you. There are some colleges that literally have a red carpet and treat you like a celebrity when you arrive on campus because they want to make you feel special. They do this because they know the more special you feel, the more likely you are to choose them.

What happens at an admitted student event?

In addition to making you feel special, there will be a lot of things happening to introduce you to the college at a deeper level. Some things colleges may focus on at the admitted student event can include:

  • Faculty. You may have seen faculty at the prospective student events, but admitted student events may involve faculty a little more. The main reason to choose a college is the academics and meeting professors will be very important. Therefore, faculty may be on hand to answer questions during panel discussions, one-on-one meetings, or general tours of the departments.
  • Information sessions. Another reason students may choose a college is because of the services that are available to students. Therefore, there may be information sessions on the different services available, such as Career Services and Academic Advising. There may also be tours of facilities such as the library and fitness center. Lastly, the offices that are important to incoming students will be available to answer questions, such as financial aid and the registrar.
  • Current students. Faculty and staff work for the university and are supposed to say good things about the institution. But, current students are living the life of a student on the college campus. They will be able to share the good and the bad of the school, as well as tips for incoming students.
  • Residence halls. Many colleges will invite admitted students to spend the night on campus so you can really experience life as a student. Some colleges will have special rooms with beds for students to sleep on, while others will ask students to bring sleeping bags to sleep on the floor. Although it may be a little uncomfortable, students will get to see what the college is like after classes are over for the day.
  • Food. The food may be a little better on the days of admitted student events because the menu has been carefully planned for the day. Some schools will choose to include student favorites, while others will add extra special food to the menu to impress the students and families.
  • Fun. College is also about the experiences outside of the classroom and the college officials know this. This is why they typically schedule fun events for students to experience on campus. Sometimes events are already planned, such as sporting events or theatrical productions. However, they may plan special events just for admitted students, such as concerts, comedy shows, and dances.

Do you need to attend?

It really all depends on the student. If you have already visited the campus and can’t afford to travel to the college again, don’t feel bad if you cannot attend. In addition, if you already know for sure where you plan on attending, attending an admitted student event may not change your mind. But, if you are the fence about what college to choose, attending the admitted student event can help with your decision. However, if you already know you are will be committing to the college, it is still okay to attend if you have the means to attend. Nevertheless, students should not feel like they have to attend the events. It is not required for students to attend.

Advantages of attending an admitted student event.

  • See everything. There will be specific campus tours. However, most of the campus will be open for students to explore, including areas that are not typically on the campus tour. Take this opportunity to explore the campus.
  • Face-to-face communication. If you ever have any questions about the college, you will get the chance to ask your question face-to-face with someone on campus. This can include an admissions officer, faculty, dining hall director, financial aid officer, etc. If you have specific questions, many people associated with the college will be available to answer your questions during admitted student events.
  • Meet future classmates. You may meet future friends who will be your classmates and even your future roommate. When I used to host admitted student events at my previous institutions, so many times students would tell me that they met someone they liked so much at the event that they kept in touch and eventually requested to be roommates on their housing application.
  • Free swag. This may not always happen, but some college have special giveaways to give to students who attend the event such as t-shirts, bags, etc. Some colleges may also give students discounts at the bookstore to purchase an item with the college’s logo.

Admitted student events are fun and can answer a lot of your questions. If you cannot attend because you can’t travel to the college again, that is okay. Some colleges offer local admitted student events in areas the college may have a lot of admitted students. However, if you can, an admitted student event is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the college, have fun, and meet future classmates.

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