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Thanksgiving Break: Ask Questions About College

Five questions to ask colleges students when they’re home for Thanksgiving break to help you learn more about college and the college admissions process.

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College Search Tip – Research Study Abroad Options

Study abroad programs are not created equal. Study abroad options are different at each college you may be considering. Therefore, it is important for you to do your research if study abroad is important to you.

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Campus safety and the college search

Campus safety is not always something students consider when looking at colleges, but maybe they should. I give you information on how to get campus safety information for all of the colleges you are considering.

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9 myths about college selection

Building your college list is all about finding the colleges that are a good fit for the student. However, common myths sometimes scare students away from colleges that would be good fits for them.

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13 commonly overlooked things when considering colleges

Finding a college with the majors and activities you want is usually easy. But, there is a lot more to finding a college.

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