Category: College Selection

Reach, Target and Safety Schools

When starting to build your college list, you’ll hear the terms reach, match and safety schools. What do these terms mean?

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Not Attending in the Fall? Let Colleges Know

As you’re making your decision about what college you will be attending in the fall, don’t forget to notify the colleges you did not select. If you were accepted to a college that has other students on the wait list,…

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Questions To Ask The Current Student

Current students at the colleges you are considering are very important. When you visit college campuses, the person that gives you a campus tour will probably be a current student. Ask them questions because they will give you insight that…

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Congratulations, you’re accepted! Now what?

Decision letters have arrived. You now have until May 1 to decide what college you will be attending in the fall. But, how do you make the hard decision of choosing the college that is the best school for you?…

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