College Search Tip – Research Study Abroad Options

College Search Tip - Research Study Abroad Options | JLV College Counseling Blog

Studying abroad is something many students look forward to when thinking about college. Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to experience the world while continuing their education. Students get to learn new perspectives, experience different cultures, and possibly learn a new language. Studying abroad is an amazing experience. However, study abroad programs are not created equal.

If you are looking to study abroad when in college, you must do your research before committing to a college. For example, here are just four ways that study abroad can be different when comparing colleges.

  • Some colleges have hundreds of study abroad options, while other colleges only have a handful of options.
  • Some colleges require all students to study abroad, while other do not have a study abroad requirement.
  • Some colleges allow students to use financial aid while studying abroad, while others do not.
  • Classes taken while studying abroad may be applied towards your degree at some colleges, while others may not.

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity. Students who study abroad typically return home with a new perspective, great experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, when will you get the opportunity to travel like this again?

College Rank Best Study Abroad ProgramsTo ensure you get the opportunity to study abroad, students must do their research to ensure the colleges they are considering have everything they want and need in a study abroad program. Luckily, the people at College Rank have done some of the research for you. They have compiled a list of “The 25 Best Study Abroad Programs.”

College Rank’s list of the best study abroad programs has a little of everything. There are public and private colleges and universities. The colleges are located on the west coast, the east coast, and everywhere in between. In addition, there are small liberal arts colleges, large research universities, and mid-size colleges on the list. The College Rank list is a great resource to use as you are researching colleges if study abroad is something that is important to you when looking at colleges.

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