Thanksgiving Break: Ask Questions About College

Thanksgiving Break: Ask Questions About College | JLV College Counseling Blog

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together. College students may be heading home for the first time since school started. High school seniors will be in the thick of college application season. With the time off to enjoy the company of others, Thanksgiving may be a great time for college bound students to talk to college students who have gone before them.

While there may be college-educated people of all ages at your Thanksgiving dinner, the best people to turn to are those who are currently enrolled or recently graduated. Colleges, the college admissions process, and paying for college have all changed so much, even in the last ten years. Therefore, students who are currently living the college experience can share what college is like right now. Older siblings and cousins could be great resources. In addition, friends who headed off to colleges in the last few years might be good to meet up with when they are in town for Thanksgiving. Here are five questions you might want to ask college students you know during your Thanksgiving break.

What is college really like?

We all have an idealized picture of what college is going to be like. College tours may give you a sugarcoated glimpse of what it will be like as a college student. But, a real college student you have a connection with can give you an in depth description of their experience without holding anything back

Is there anything you wish you would have known?

There are many things you will only discover after you enroll as a college student. If they are not sure how to answer, you can ask them about specific topics, such as paying for college, classes, dorm life, etc.

Would you choose your college again?

Now that the person is an actual student, they may have a different view about the college they are attending. If you are considering that college, they may be able to give a different perspective you have not seen or heard about your possible college. If you are not considering their college, but maybe the same type of college (large public, small liberal arts, etc.), they may also give you a perspective you may not have considered.

What is something you should have paid more attention to when considering colleges?

It is common for students to focus on specific things when they are considering colleges. But, sometimes you might miss something. Now that the person is a student, they might have realized they missed something when they were in the search or decision process. Learn what they missed so you might consider those things as you are choosing colleges.

Do you have advice for applying to colleges?

Maybe they focused a little much time on a specific thing as they were applying to college. Maybe they were not admitted to a college they really wanted to attend. Now that they are through the admissions process, they might have a difference perspective than they did while they were in the thick of it. Applying to college, unfortunately, can be stressful. But, someone who went through it can make you feel a littler better about the situation.

Thanksgiving break is a great time to connect with others. Take the time to ask college students you know the above questions, as well as any other questions you have about college. While students should not make their decision solely based on others opinions, getting the thoughts and opinions of those people you trust could be one more thing to consider as you are building your college list and making your final decisions.

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