August 2017 Newsletter

August is an important month for students. The Common Application opens for high school seniors on August 1. Many students across the country will be heading back to school. And, incoming freshman (high school and college freshman) will be starting a new journey at a new school.

All Students

Dive into the new school year! Start the academic year strong by creating an academic plan that is right for you. Look at your study habits and adjust if necessary to ensure you do well in your classes. Get involved in meaningful activities outside of the classroom.

High School Seniors

The Common Application, as well as many other college applications, will be opening on August 1. While you do not have to submit the application August 1, it may be smart to start the application process now. Create an account and start entering your information. Take your time as you are working on your college applications to ensure you are presenting yourself in the best way possible.

College Counseling Tip

Your extracurricular activities can really set you apart from the crowd in the college admission process. Quality is always better than quantity. Instead of signing up for every club and organization at your school, find an activity or two that you can really dedicate your time and energy. Take up a leadership role in an activity. For incoming freshman, explore all of the opportunities at your school and start getting involved when school starts. For returning students, look at your current activity list and ask yourself if you think you are doing enough. If not, find an activity you really enjoy and do something great!

Looking Ahead

College visits are a great opportunity to explore the colleges you are considering. Visiting colleges during the school year is the best way to see what the college is like when it is in session. Check with your school counselor to learn about your school’s policy on visiting colleges on school days. If money is an issue when it comes to visiting colleges, don’t forget to check out all of the resources I have put together to help:

Good luck as you head back to school! If you ever have any questions or think there is an article that could be helpful, send me a message. My goal is to help students and their parents as much as I can as they move through the college admissions and financial aid process.

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