Travel Reimbursement

The college visit is an important part of the college search process. Unfortunately, not all students have the means to travel to the colleges they are considering. Because colleges understand the important of the college visit, some colleges have started to provide travel reimbursements for students who visit. Some cover full travel costs, while others cover a portion of the cost. Some only cover airfare, while others cover mileage or fuel costs. Some have specific dates students can visit, while others encourage visits any time of the year. Some colleges provide reimbursements shortly after the visit, while others will only provide the reimbursement if you enroll at the college.

The one thing all of these colleges have in common is that they require students to make an official campus visit to be eligible for travel reimbursement. Therefore, always check with the admission office first before making your plans to ensure your travel will be reimbursed. Below is a list of colleges that offer travel reimbursement for students who visit their campuses.



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