Visit Scholarships

The college visit is a very important part of the college search process. Many colleges know how important the campus visit is and some have started to offer incentives. One of the incentives colleges offer is a “Visit Scholarship” for students who make an official college visit.

Make sure to check with the college before making your plans to visit to ensure you will qualify for the scholarship. Students will not actually receive the scholarship unless they actually enroll at the institution.

List updated August 6, 2018

Other colleges are offering visit scholarships through Raise.Me. Raise.Me is a micro-scholarship website that allows you to get rewarded for everything from receiving an ‘A’ in a class, participation in volunteer activities, visiting colleges, etc. See if one of the colleges you are considering is using Raise.Me. As always, check with the college to make you meet the requirements to receive the scholarship.

There are over 200 colleges that offer a visit scholarship through Raise.Me – visit the College Visit Scholarship lists at Raise.Me You have to sign-up with Raise.Me and be logged in to see the list.

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