Focus on Scholarships with Smaller Applicant Pools

Focus on Scholarships with Smaller Applicant Pools | JLV College Counseling BlogScholarships are a great way to help with the cost of a college education. However, sometimes the field of scholarships can feel overwhelming. There are scholarships out there for everything! Plus, there are scholarships that are open to all students. How do you decide what scholarships to spend your time on?

No one spends their time applying for scholarships and thinking they will never win. There is always hope for winning a scholarship. Unfortunately, you cannot win every scholarship because there is a lot of competition. However, you can increase your chances, but how? One easy way to increase your chances of winning a scholarship is to apply to scholarships with smaller applicant pools. Below are some scholarship lists you should consider checking out:

State Scholarships –  published today!

As promised, I have compiled scholarships based on your state of residence. Some of the scholarships are open specifically to the students from those states, while other scholarships give preference to students from the states. These scholarships lists are in no way all of the scholarships with specific state eligibility requirements. However, they are a start and the lists will continue to grow as scholarships open for submission. In addition, check with your schools to learn about scholarships in your area. Scholarships based on residence can really narrow down the applicant pool!

Minority Scholarships

Are you a student of color? There are many scholarships only open to minority students. Check out my scholarship lists for African American students, Hispanic students, Asian students, and Native American students. In addition, there is a list of scholarships open to students with specific ancestral roots, such as Greek, Italian, and Slovenian (just to name a few).

Disability Scholarships

Do you or someone you know have a disability or health condition? This can be another way to narrow down a scholarship applicant pool. I have compiled lists of scholarships for students with physical disabilities, health conditions, hearing impairments, visual impairments, learning disabilities, and mental health conditions. Some of the scholarships are open specifically to the person with the disability, while others are open to students who are related (parent, sibling, etc.) to someone with the disability or condition.

Academic Major Scholarships

Do you know what you want to study, or are you already enrolled in college with a declared major? If so, there are scholarships open to specific majors. Check out these scholarships that can also narrow down the applicant pool. Some of the scholarships are only open to students who are/will be studying those majors, while others may be of interest to students in those majors.

Check out all of the different scholarship lists I have available. Anything you can do to narrow down the applicant pool can increase your chances of winning a scholarship! I am still working on more scholarship lists and more will be published soon.

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