10 Myths About College Admission Essays

There are many myths out there about the college admission essay. Make sure you know the truth.

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7 Steps For Proofreading And Editing Your Admission Essay

Proofreading and editing are key for a great essay. Guest Blogger Mary Walton shares seven steps to follow before submitting your essay.

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8 Helpful Resources I Wish I Knew Before Writing an Essay

We all need resource when writing essay. Guest blogger Karen Dikson shares eight resources for you to consider.

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How to Finish Your Essay with a Convincing Conclusion

How to Finish Your Essay with a Convincing Conclusion – Guest Blog by Jessica Freeman

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Don’t Repeat These 5 Errors to Create a Brilliant Essay

Many of us make mistakes when writing essays. Guest blogger Linda Jellison shares five errors that could ruin your essays and how to avoid those mistakes.

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