Don’t Repeat These 5 Errors to Create a Brilliant Essay

Don’t Repeat These 5 Errors to Create a Brilliant Essay - Guest Blog by Linda Jellison | JLV College Counseling Blog

Writing an essay is no easy task. Some people are just not creative enough to broaden a story. Other people create essays willed with English grammar errors. And, many of us make simple mistakes that can be easily corrected. Let’s look at 5 errors that can ruin a potentially great essay.

1. Long paragraphs

Your essay may be the most interesting thing to you, but I am going to be bored out of my mind if it is just one big paragraph. Splitting your essay up in appropriate paragraphs will keep the reader interested and does not fry their brains. When I see the end of a paragraph, I feel accomplished and look forward to the next. However, if I read a 500 words paragraph, I get lost. First, I don’t remember where I was and then I decide it’s too much effort to find it. If you split your work, I just need to read the first sentence of the paragraph to know where I need to pick up.

2. No planning

If you do not plan the layout of your essay, you can fall victim to tip #1. The structure of the essay will be based on the pre-planning you have done. If this is not done, you may randomly throw words together without a flow. Do a mind map of how you plan to write your essay. I promise this will ensure a better layout and much better structure. Planning will also allow you to give thought to your headings and other structure components. The reader will appreciate your pre-planing. In addition, prior research will show your knowledge of the subject matter.

3. Word misuse

You have no excuse for misspelling a word. There are essay error checkers on many websites these days. From a grammar analyzer to a sentence checker, they are all available to you. If you do not use these, you can put yourself at risk for misspelling a simple word. Another tip is to pay attention to the misspelled word, and once corrected, lock that word into your brain. This will prevent future misuse of the same word. Your brain will pick it up and correct it.

4. Waiting until the last minute

This is a big pitfall. If you wait until the last minute to write your essay, you are going to collect some random data or worse, collect none. Some people think they can just wing it and procrastinate until the last minute. However, this can lead to poorly written essays. We all love procrastinating, even though we know it is the worst thing to do. You will do your essay an injustice by waiting until the last minute and rushing through the process. You need to start weeks in advance – not the night before it’s due.

5. No proofreading

I know it’s a tedious step but you have to do it. When I check my essays I always pick up silly mistakes. You have to write your essay in drafts. You do a first, second, and many times, a third or final draft. This is a necessary step to ensure you have a great essay. Also, have a friend check your work. They may be unbiased and pick up a few things you thought were perfect.

Writing an essay should not be pulling hens teeth. If you plan and dedicate enough time to it, you should be good. Do not fall into traps like procrastination. This is the worst of them all as you give yourself no time to apply any of the tips above. You will not have time to prevent anything. All you are going to do is rush and hand in your work wishing all is well. Don’t leave anything up to fate by checking and rechecking as many times as possible.

Guest Blogger Linda Jellison | JLV College Counseling Blog

Linda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is traveling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students.



2 Comments on “Don’t Repeat These 5 Errors to Create a Brilliant Essay

  1. Great advice. I would add: Avoid generalities like “that’s how I learned about life”. Aim for specific statements, vivid details, and original language.

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