8 Helpful Resources I Wish I Knew Before Writing an Essay

Writing essays is an important part of every student’s academic success and therefore, yet another assignment they are expected to do perfectly. However, not every student is talented or experienced enough to live up to the extremely high expectations of their professors, which is why they often struggle with writing their essays.

I have been one of these students, constantly frustrating over essay tasks and lack of time. What I didn’t know was that there are guides and recourses that can help you write amazing essays! All these resources can help you get an insight of different approaches and information regarding essay writing, so read through them and pick the one that fits your needs:

1. Research Guide for Students
Researching is the most time-consuming and complex part of writing every assignment. For those who wish to make this process shorter and easier, the Research Guide for Students provides you with the best recourses for literary research. Furthermore, you can use this website to access style guides that will help you use proper referencing, footnoting and of course, write bibliographies.

2. Novel Guide
Perhaps you need some insight and great ideas for the writing part? The Novel Guide will be your best friend when it comes to novel assignments. By using this website, you will enjoy hundreds of novel guides that include plot summary and discussion section. Furthermore, Novel Guide allows everyone to post and read the informative forum that includes information you will surely find to be useful.

3. OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab
The Online Writing Lab or otherwise referred to as OWL houses various writing recourses, as well as instructional materials. Purdue University now provides students worldwide with a huge database of writing information that comes in the form of a free service.

4. Essay Writing Guideline by MyEnglishClub
My English Club is a great, free to use website for students in need of help with their academic assignments. Read through their extensive essay writing guideline to improve your essay writing skills and get a better idea of what a great essay should look like.

This guide consists of 5 easy steps every student must follow to craft a high-quality essay. As a result, you will have a mistake-free, well-planned essay that will assure you get a high grade with your professor.

5. Harvard College Writing Center
Found on the official website of the Harvard University, this tool will certainly help you in the writing process. The website is filled with crucial information every student needs in order to write well, including articles such as ‘English Grammar and Language Tutor’ and ‘Harvard Guide to Using Sources.’

6. Google Scholar
Google Scholar is the place where you search for scholarly literature on every subject and discipline you may think of. Use this tool to look for any types of literature, including books, articles and even theses. The information here is indexed from various sources, which will provide you with unique citation sources.

Additionally, you can generate citation reports on Google Scholar by using their free software named Publish or Perish. Check out the website to learn how to use the tools and create reports.

7. BibMe
Bib Me is an automatic bibliography maker, perfect for those who lack the time or experience in creating the Bibliography page of their essay. The tool supports Chicago, APA, MLA and Turabian formats and is used by thousands of students worldwide for building a ‘works cited’ page easily and rapidly.

8. Thesis Generator
Theses are among the most complex papers assigned by professors, not only because they require a lot of time, but because of their complex structure and strict guidelines, too. Therefore, it is no wonder that you are experiencing problems with writing this type of paper, especially if your professor assigned on an unfamiliar niche or one you have no sufficient access to sources for.

You no longer need to worry! Use the Thesis Generator to learn about the perfect thesis structure and access helpful documents in their Writing Recourses tab. You can also ask for a tutoring session, but only if you are an eligible Ashford undergraduate student.

Check out these 8 resources to learn how to write amazing essays and improve your writing skills at no cost whatsoever! The vast choice of academic assistance tools nowadays allows students to write high-quality essays without any hassle.


Karen Dikson is a teacher and blogger from New Jersey. She writes for several educational resources among which Bestessays.com.au. Karen finds her inspiration in helping her students succeed. Follow Karen on Twitter.



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