Calif. lawmaker proposes new UC campus specializing in ‘STEAM’

California Assemblymember Mike Gatto has proposed legislation that would start the process to create a new University of California campus comparable to Caltech. The campus would focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

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California public universities required to share graduate outcome information

SB 1022, authored by State Senator Bob Huff, was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday. California State Universities must now publicly share graduate outcome information

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California legislature passes ‘yes means yes’ bill

The California legislature passed SB 967, the ‘yes means yes’ bill. This replaces ‘no means no’ for sexual consent. The bill is now on it’s way to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for signature.

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California community colleges could offer baccalaureate degrees in future

California community colleges could start offering bachelor degrees as early as 2015. SB 850 is now on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk awaiting approval.

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