Category: Admissions Tips

What to do after submitting your tuition deposit

Congratulations on submitting your tuition deposit! Here are 12 things to do after sending in your tuition deposit.

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How to get a great letter of recommendation

Many college applications require at least one letter of recommendations. Here are some tips to on how to get a great letter of recommendation.

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Let colleges know you won’t be attending

Congratulations on choosing the college you will be attending in the fall. Don’t forget to let the other colleges know you won’t be attending.

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Are you considering double depositing?

Double depositing is frowned upon and I discourage it. Find out some of the reasons you should not double deposit and what you can do if you are considering double depositing.

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Think before you post online

Think before you post online – your online identity can play a role in admissions, scholarships and hiring decisions.

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