Spring Break Ideas for Busy Students

Despite its treatment on TV and in movies, in real life, spring break doesn’t quite get the fanfare that winter or summer break do.

While winter and summer break split up semesters, spring break usually falls smack in the middle. For anyone with a job, internship, or even just a heavy course load, this makes it nearly impossible to take one of those fabled trips to Tijuana, Mexico, or Daytona Beach, Florida.

Not traveling for spring break doesn’t mean your spring break needs to be boring, though. There are plenty of things you can do while still on campus, or even just sticking around your college town. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Take advantage of local events

One of the best things about living in a college or university town is that there are usually plenty of events a few blocks from where you live. Offbeat and mainstream concerts, theatre, art, sports games, talks and lectures, workshops are all things you’ll find in droves wherever there’s a university.

Take a look at any local calendars. Not only does a quick day of spring break adventure bring experiences like none other, but you may also even get to meet creative and interesting people you may never have before.

Pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try

It can be hard to make time for your passions and projects. It can be even harder to make time for picking up a new hobby. If you’ve been dying to try your hand at something new, or just want to stave off the boredom, take the time off as an opportunity to experiment with that hobby or activity you’ve been curious about. If you don’t like it, it’s no big deal. And if you do? Great news! You have the whole week to dive into it.

Make the week about self-care

Even if you’re overwhelmed with work, it’s important to take advantage of the “time off” to take care of yourself. For those on a budget, recreate a spa treatment within the confines of your room. For those with a little extra cash, consider signing up for a new exercise class or have a nice dinner with yourself or with friends.

And when all else fails, consider just unplugging for the night and binging on some trustworthy Netflix. Just be sure to make some time all week to unwind and make yourself feel better.

Take a short road trip to a nearby attraction

How well do you know your surrounding area? Gather up your friends in your roomiest car and take a day trip to a state park, beach, or even just a neighboring city or town. The change of scene and space away from your homework can be just the refresher you need to help get your mind back on track. Plus, you may just find the best new places to eat, relax, or escape to.

Be Productive Instead

One unfortunate fact about getting older is that as our responsibilities mount up, we usually have less time to do the things we need to do. Whether it’s school priorities or work, sometimes just finding the time to get things like chores done is impossible. Use your time off to:

  • Organize your dorm or apartment
  • Get some extra studying in
  • Knock out a bunch of doctors’ appointments

You won’t have to schedule around anything, and you won’t have to be stressed for time. Think of how great it’ll feel when you can finally cross those lingering items off your to-do list.

Throw a party

It doesn’t have to be a big house party or a rager, but why not throw a party for everyone else who’s hanging out around campus during spring break? Break out some board games, set up some food and drink, and enjoy each other’s companies. You can even pick a theme to make it a little bit fun.

Lexi Carr is a writer with a passion for helping people. She enjoys writing, saving money, and bragging about her dog. Follower her on Twitter @LLexi_C



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