How to Make Time for Your Passions and ‘Side Projects’

In today’s information age of social media and instant communications, it can truly be challenging to find five minutes to relax, let alone pursue a passion or side project. Time is our greatest asset, and learning to use it to our advantage is a skill that very few people ever decide to achieve. The fact is that if you want to chase your dreams, you have to find the time to do it, and many people feel they don’t have a minute to spare in the day.

Where there is a will, there’s usually a way though. So, here are some tips you can implement to make the most of your time and reach for your dreams.

Adjust Your Attitude

The first place to start on your journey to making your passion a reality is with an attitude check. If you believe that you don’t have the time to chase your dreams, then you will never find the time to do so. Train your subconscious mind into thinking that you have ample time available in the day to complete tasks related to your side project.

When you begin to look at things differently, the things you look at change. By believing that you have enough time available, you force your subconscious to start looking for solutions to the problem, without you even being aware of it.

It all starts with the first step. Even if you only have five minutes to spare this week, use that time to get started. Every minute you spend on your project after that builds momentum and gets the ball rolling. Congratulate yourself on finding the time to get started and create a positive feedback loop that reinforces itself every time you take a step on your journey to achieving your goals.

Write Down Your Goals

A goal is just a dream until it’s written down. Do you know what your goals are? Can you articulate them clearly in writing? Many people never take the time to write down their goals and then wonder why they have no direction in life and fail to start new projects. Goal setting is an essential part of designing a plan, and a strategy to execute that brings you closer to achieving your dream of working your passion.

Design a Plan

Write down what you expect from your project and how you intend to achieve it. Calculate every step of the project and exactly what it will take to make it a success. The time you spend in planning is as valuable as the time you spend in execution, so make sure you leave no stone unturned during the planning phase.

Schedule Your Time

Once you have your goals and your plan is written down, the next phase is to look at your current schedule. Map out your time on a daily spreadsheet and account for every 15 to 30-minutes of your day. Allocate any additional time left over to your project, even if it’s only a few minutes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s critical to adhere to the principles of working smarter, not harder. If you’re passionate about your side project, you’ll find the time to incorporate it into your schedule. Is your dream to learn another language? You can achieve this through a variety of ingenious ways in your daily life. For example; you can try to learn Spanish quickly through conversations at a restaurant when your ordering meals or when you’re out running errands.

Learn the Power of Delegation

How much time do you spend every week completing useless chores and tasks that could be better handled by someone else? If you spend 20 to 30 minutes collecting your dry cleaning every week, that adds up to over 24-hours that you could have spent working on your side project.

Cleaning your home, cooking your food, and running errands, these are all examples of things you can pay somebody else to do. While some may argue that it adds extra expenses to their lives, the cost it takes from your available time is of far greater value. Hire a housekeeper, or virtual assistant to help you free up your time.

Review Your Plan

A plan is only as good as the adjustments made to it. When you first start out on the quest of following your passion, you base your strategy on your previous experience. As you progress, your experience will never be identical to what you had planned. Therefore, it’s important to take the time every few weeks or months to review where you are. Note your expectations on your original plan and make the necessary adjustments you need to keep progressing forward toward your goals.

Stay Committed and Inspired

Along the way, you’ll find numerous challenges that will test your commitment to your passions. In these moments, lean on things that inspire you to keep you pressing forward. Listen to music with inspiring lyrics, build a vision board of your goals, and find a mentor that you can speak to when you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Caitlin Evans is a bookworm, photographer and dancer. She is also a medical student in love with science. When she is not trying to find the meaning of life and Universe, Caitlin is researching and writing about various health related topics. She is happily addicted to art in all its forms, grilled tofu and caffeine.



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