5 Features of a Great Entry-Level Resume

One of the biggest challenges for young graduates is to get the first job after college. The next challenge is to move up in rank. This is an awkward stage when you have the experience of an entry level, but still at an early stage of your career.

Your career ladder depends on your resume and work experience.

Here are five features of a great entry level resume.

1. Boost Your Online Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Your online documents for job applications are as important as a hard copy. Linkedin is a place where recruiters are often searching for suitable employees.

Creating a professional, entry level resume summary and job descriptions is the first step for any application.

Lots of people have doubts that it’s possible to create an effective entry level resume objective with no work experience, though LinkedIn profile & resume writing services can help you to perfectly cope with the task. There are awesome examples that prove you can shine and some employers need your attitude more than your skills. You can also visit your Career Center at your college to get advice on creating your resume.

Your online resume should be updated all the time even if you are not looking for a promotion or a new job. This is because the majority of candidates HR-managers contact are not actively searching for a new job. It means you can get a better job or leadership role when you do not expect it at all.

2. Highlight Your Leadership Skills

If you want to get promoted to a management or leadership role, highlight your experience and the way it fits the position. If you influence a big group or have direct reports, explain that you are ready for the next step in responsibility.

If you are an applicant with less experience, describe how effectively you organized teamwork in previous positions and demonstrate that your experience is equivalent to the one they are looking for.

It is also essential to cater your entry-level resume to the company type. For instance, a startup needs a hands-on leader and a larger company needs tactical and strategic team members.

3. Use Keywords for Navigating Online Resume System

As a rule, big organizations screen resumes with the help of an online database. In case an application contains the required skills, it is essential to demonstrate the skills you possess.

Often, HR directors and recruiters will look for keywords based on the job listing. If you do not list them in your application, no one will view it. It is possible to insert relevant words in the following areas:

  • describing your success stories and how you help profession collaboration;
  • explaining the way you make key decisions;
  • detailing you have driven project execution.

Ensure to relate your experience to the job offer.

4. Include the Human Element

The majority of companies take advantage of online application systems. However, you should remember that your entry level resume will be submitted to a human first. You should find a connection with your HR-manager. The best way to achieve this is to insert a couple of lines about your interests. When describing your interests, don’t write about typical hobbies. For instance, if you like cooking, show your recruiter the extent of your interest. You can write something like: “I like cooking Indian feats for my friends.” Include the “golden nugget” to make your resume more memorable and create a starting topic for the interview.

5. Forget about Objective Statement

In case your hiring manager or recruiter is looking at your resume, they know that you want the job you apply to. The statements like “leverage my experience” or “obtain a position” should be avoided. There is no sense to tell your hiring manager the things they already know.

To make you resume clutter-free, forget about the objective statements. None of these statements demonstrates the skills you possess. Such phrases create a longer text but do not have any sense.

Pay attention to these five features of a great entry level resume. Add them to your job application and climb up the career ladder at the early stage!

Vik Vein is a job search enthusiast who is surfing the net day after day to find the best strategies and tools that help people get back to work or get more pay.




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  1. Wonderful Article..!! Thank you for sharing the article on 5 Features of a Great Entry-Level Resume. I appreciate your article.Please do share such articles more.

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