How To Graduate With Little Or No Debt?!

College is not easy, and we are not just talking about the studies. There are plenty of things you need to worry about when you get into a college, perhaps way before that even. There is the tuition fee you have to worry about, and for that, you may need some loans. But what happens after you have taken the loan? You are overcome with the struggles to pay it back! How to do that? There are some tips and things you can do, so when you graduate, you have little or no debt left.

1. No Loans Colleges

Many independent non-profit colleges have ‘no loans’ financial aid policies. Students in these colleges can still choose to borrow money for their share of college expenses, but these institutions offer financial aid awards that do not include any student loans. If you are a full-need student, you might even graduate with no debt.

2. 2-Year Or Shorter Program

You want to consider community colleges because they are among the less expensive colleges. Half of the students, who have ever graduated with no debt, have actually graduated from a community college. A third of the total percentage of students graduated from a public college.

3. Enroll At An In-State Public College

Attend an in-state public college because they are among the least expensive options when you choose to pursue a college degree. Many students who have studied at public colleges do not have to borrow that much as compared to the other students. They graduate with no debt, or if they do, it is manageable for them.

4. Live With Your Parents

It might not be appealing to many students because they would like to stand on their own feet, but it is certainly wise. Better to live with your parents for a few years and save money than paying college debts for the rest of your life. Living at home save your rents, bills and grocery shopping. These small things might not look that big, but even two years’ worth of these savings can pay back a great amount of your loan. If you do not live close by, you can always share an apartment with one or two roommates. Your bills will be divided, and so will be your burden, which means, more savings for you.

5. Don’t Spend Too Much On Textbooks

Many Students do not realize that spending on textbooks is a waste of money if you can get it from somewhere else for less cash or even free of cost. Today, most of the books are available online, and you can download them on your laptops. If that option is not available, you can ask older students to provide you with notes and books that they had used when taking the classes. If not that, you can always get second-hand books.

Being debt-free all really depends on how well you are able to save money so you can pay back that quickly

Taylor Hill works for a financial technology company Stilt located in San Francisco which is revolutionizing the way individuals with limited or zero credit history get loans in the U.S.



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