6 Things You Should Know Before You Study in India

Studying abroad in India offers unique opportunities for international students. From world class institutions, to quality student accommodation, to unique experiences, India gives you all in a very affordable manner.

Here are six things you should know before embarking on this exciting adventure.

World class education

India offers many universities, which provide top quality education. From engineering, to medicine and information technology, Indian education institutes have undergone an expansion without precedent. At present, most major cities host prestigious education institutions.

India is home to more than 400 cities. Among the best known, Mumbai, hosts prestigious institutions, such as IIT Bombay and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Delhi also hosts a number of top ranking universities including, IIT Delhi and the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Similarly, many other cities offer you a wide range of choices.

And have no doubt, after finishing your education in India, you will be prepared to compete with the best, in any country you choose to work in.

Quality student accommodation and affordable cost of living

India being one of the countries with the biggest student population is developing a student accommodation system that is up to international standards. Paired with it, is a lively campus life, full of extracurricular activities, which will help you develop a network of contacts that will last for life. In addition, this excellent lifestyle is very affordable, when compared to other countries, making India a preferred choice for many students all over the world.

A vast choice of programs

India offers not only excellent education programs, but also variety. Your options vary from classical areas, such as engineering, information technology and medicine, to more sophisticated and unique programs, such as Buddhist studies. India being the cradle of many ancient civilizations, offers you the opportunity to learn in a unique environment.

A friendly social environment

India offers a young and friendly campus environment. In general, Indians like to socialize with foreigners, and most are fluent in English. Thus, campus life offers a great possibility to blend in, make life-lasting friends, and enjoy many extracurricular activities.

Also, while attending classes it is a good idea to maintain the dress code that helps you blend with the rest. You can buy Indian clothes, which are fun to wear as they are generally very colourful, and will help you to adapt to the different climate. As the popular wisdom says, “When in Rome do as the Romans do”.

Chance to enjoy frequent and affordable travel

Indian geography and unique history offers you with the possibility of travelling to many interesting places, usually without the need to go very far from your residency. From its frequent festivals and religious ceremonies to the exotic shops and the exquisite culinary tradition, India offers an endless list of activities to explore the soul of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen.

Although it is impossible to see everything; the wide range of trains, planes, and rickshaws will keep you excited and let you explore many diverse places, such as the holy Ganges River in Varanasi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, and technology hubs such as Bangalore.

A large set of different cultures to learn from

Contrary to the perception of many people, India is not a unified culture, but home to many different traditions. There are more than 20 officially recognized languages, and each different state has its own traditions and customs.

India is one of the fastest developing countries, but at the same time, many parts of it remain highly underdeveloped. Thus, India offers the possibility to learn from the many walks of life. No wonder that this country has been the home to great and diverse personalities such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, poets such as the Rabindranath Tagore, and incredible scientific minds, such as Srinivasa Ramanujan, to mention a few.

Theodora Evans is a passionate blogger from Sydney and she is someone you would call an IT nerd that travels the world. Also, she takes great interest in psychology and helping people deal with their mental and anxiety issues. Besides that, she loves martial arts and enjoying the nature.


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