How to Make Your College Application Stand Out

If you’re applying to colleges in 2019, there are a few things you should do to ensure your college application stands out. It’s important to remember that during the assessment of college applications, admissions staff will look beyond just academic achievements.

Colleges want to see that you’re a well-rounded student, and that means going beyond grades. You’ll need to show that you’re motivated and boast attributes like leadership, being philanthropic and passionate.

In this article, we’ll go over a few ways to make your college application stand out in 2019.

Clean Up Your Social Media

The first task on your college application to-do list should be to head over to all of your social media accounts and ensure they match the image you’re portraying in your application. No admissions staffer wants to take a look over your web presence to find a series of inappropriate, negative photos or tweets.

Once you’re happy that your social media accounts are as responsible and professional as possible, you should then prioritise showcasing the topics you highlighted in your application. Post photos, video or just a text post about volunteering efforts and other activities that you’d expect to see from an A-star student.

Highlight Sustained Extracurricular Activities

When we suggest extracurricular activities, we don’t mean one-offs. College admissions staff will be looking for sustained extracurricular activities or philanthropic efforts that lasted more than one week in one summer two years ago. If you’re a few years from heading off to college then use these years to sign up and take part in out-of-school activities – because you’ll be able to add these to your college application.

Something to remember is that although you may have volunteered your time for a good cause and only did it once, it will be a negative on your college application. A one-time activity will make you look uncommitted and not passionate about extracurricular sports or volunteering, leaving a bad impression. Make it a priority to only include long-term activities and volunteering efforts.

In Your Essay, Paint a Picture of Your Character

Too many college application essays fail to stay on topic and ineffectively paint a picture of who applicants are. To really make an impact and keep your college application at the top of the list, you really need to highlight a moment in your life that transformed your character and changed your future path. It’s always great to have concrete points that the admissions staffers can understand, also.

Lastly, don’t forget to point out a few reasons the college you’re applying to is at the top of your list. This will show the admissions team that you know what you’re applying for and you’re not simply handing out a copy-paste application. These reasons could include the college’s intern program, honours program or even the great student-teacher dynamic.

Visit the Campus

It’s one thing to say you love a college. It’s another to actually take the time to visit and spend time on campus. A great idea is to visit your college of choice and take a look around. Find some students and ask them a few questions, speak with professors and take a look at the on-campus amenities and buildings. Doing this will allow you to write in-depth about the time you spent on campus and will let the admissions staff know you’ve really visited.

Apply as Early as Possible

There’s one way to show how excited you are to apply and that’s by applying early with an entirely faultless college application. A great tip is to make sure your application is completely error-free, filled with as many relevant facts about yourself as possible and also shows your chosen college that you’ll be a great fit. Pair this with the fact that you’ve applied early and you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.

How to Make Your College Application Stand Out – Julie Melville

Education Consultant


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