Mistakes Every Rookie Freshman Makes

It’s an amazing time in any young person’s life when they’re away from home for the first time, free from parental restriction but also free from parental guidance that so often acts as a safety net.

There are many fun times to be had in your freshman year but also a lot of rookie mistakes that you’re going to make. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid.

Skipping Class

With no one at home dragging you up and out the door, the temptation to spend another hour or two in bed is strong. You might think you’ll be able to catch up but the slope towards failure is a slippery one and once you’re on it, it’s hard to come back.

Put the hours in, make it a habit and don’t fall behind.

Failing To Budget

The last thing you need during this key point in your education is to start racking up debt. Yet, so many freshmen do, in part, due to poor budgeting skills.

It may seem way too adult and responsible but figuring out how much you can spend each week on bills, fun, books, food and technology is key to taking away the stress of a stretched budget.

Making plans for working during your school break is another wise way of planning for an easier semester in financial terms.

Roger Buss, an educator at Writinity and content writer for Lastminutewriting, said: “It’s often the last thing freshmen think of but if studying is hard, then studying with the additional stress of financial worries is ten times harder. Plan carefully and where possible have a contingency plan in case of an emergency.”

Not Getting Enough Down Time

By which we mean sleep. With all the parties, not to mention late night study sessions that seem mandatory for freshmen, you are in danger of getting burnt out even before you make it through your first academic year.

Taking care of yourself and your needs is not failure; it is what you need to survive and to get the most out of your studies. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Set aside nights when you won’t go out and when you’ll make the most of an early night.

Not Accepting Support

Your network isn’t just there to hang out with and borrow notes from; they are there to support you when the going gets tough.

Choose your friends wisely and you will form friendships that last a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to confide in them when you’re facing hard times and be a shoulder to cry on if you spot someone going through something.

Karen Mills, a tutor at Draft Beyond and Researchpapersuk said: “Students who have a strong community tend to fare better in college and onwards into their careers. Knowing you have support from your peers is invaluable.”

Studying At The Last Minute

It’s easy to get distracted with all the new things surrounding you at college but leaving study to the last minute is going to cause you nothing but stress. A little and often approach is far more beneficial in the long run and will put you in a good place come exam time.

While the shiny lights of a new college and possibly a new town or city can be very distracting, keeping your head and putting some ground rules in place will pay dividends in the long run.

Making time for study, play and financial planning is the best way to avoid all the freshman mistakes that your peers will be making and truly enjoying your college experience.

Entrepreneur and content marketing specialist Martina Sanchez works at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. She spends her time updating her blog with SEO tips and tricks, as well as her guide to digital marketing. Martina also writes articles on subjects connected to all things marketing.


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