College Applications Have Been Sent – Now What?

The fall has probably been filled with a lot of college admissions task. You probably experienced a lot of stress. Once you submit all of those college applications, you can sit back and relax a little. However, school is still in session and there are still things you may need to do as you head to college. Here are six things to do after submitting your college applications.

1. Make sure all application items are in

You submitted your applications, but did the colleges get everything else that is required? Have they received your transcript, test scores, and recommendations? If they did not receive the other required items, your application will be considered incomplete and they probably will not consider your application for admission until they receive all required items. Log into those application portals to ensure the admission offices have received everything. If anything is missing, make sure it is sent to the colleges as soon as possible.

2. Stay on top of your schoolwork

Unfortunately many students fall into the senioritis trap. You have been so stressed and after hitting that “submit” button you probably just want to sit back and not think about schoolwork. While colleges will probably make decisions based on the grades you have already completed, poor grades during senior year could change the decision. Major changes in GPA could also affect financial aid even after you receive your financial aid award. Finish off your senior year strong so you will head to college on the right academic path.

3. Pay attention to your mail, email and voicemail

Even though you have submitted all of the required admissions requirements, the colleges may need more information during their decision process. Sometimes this includes seventh semester grades, explanations about something a little odd in your file, or an interview. In addition, the financial aid office may require more information. Many times the college offices need this information in a timely manner, so make sure you’re checking your email, mail, and voicemail. Submit the required documents to the college as soon as possible.

4. Talk about paying for college

You may not have received your financial aid award yet, but it’s not too early to start talking about finances as a family. If you have not filled out the FAFSA yet, make sure you submit it as soon as possible. In addition, make sure you have completed the other requirements each college has for financial aid, such as the CSS Profile or their own financial aid application. Unfortunately financial aid does not cover everything for most students and the family will have to cover the rest. Discuss what is possible for the family when it comes to paying for college.

5. Continue looking for and applying for scholarships

If there are scholarships that you meet the requirements, apply. Every little bit can help you pay for college. Most students will not win every scholarships they apply to, but don’t let it get you down. Continue to send in quality applications and essays for scholarships.

6. Have patience with the colleges

Each college operates on their own decision schedule. Some colleges will send out decisions without a few weeks, while others have specific dates they will release decisions. Many colleges will have this information on their website. There is no need to continually call and email the admission office or your admission counselor to find out if decisions have been made. The decision will come in the timeframe the college has in place and phone calls and emails will probably not speed up the decision process. Have patience with them and don’t try to rush the process.

Submitting your applications relieves a lot of stress, but there are still things to do. Make sure you do these six things after submitting your college applications.

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