The Ultimate Bucket List: 15 Things to Do Before You Finish College

College life is probably the most important part of your life. This is where you get the skills to help you land that dream job. You also have a lot of free time and the chance to make your own adult decisions without your parents dictating what you have to do. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Before you graduate, here are some of the things you must do:

1. Take a Difficult Class

Do you have that one class that you are interested in? You don’t have to be afraid of challenges. Take the bull by its horns and take the class. Work hard and you will most probably do better than you expected. The challenging class will fulfill your desires and also make an impressive mark on your degree.

2. Join Some Student Organizations

There are dozens of organizations on every campus. Find one that suits your personal interests. This is the best place to meet and interact with people who happen to think like you. For example, if you join the drama club, there may competitions which will help you learn important skills like time managemen because  you will have to juggle between classes and practice. You may also get the chance to interact with students from other campuses.

3. Take Advantage of Perks Given to Students

Most students are always on a tight budget, hence there is need to save on whatever you can. Most event planners offer discounts to students as long as you present your student id. Some restaurants and other shops also offer such discounts; ensure you take advantage of these offers.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Party

College life does not have to be boring. It’s important to go out once in a while and let out the stress that comes with school. As long as you don’t neglect your school work, it’s good to go out once in a while and dance the night away. This will help you release tension that comes with school work and leave you fresh to face the next school days.

5. Socialize

Make some new friends. Social life is very important and helps you to learn how to relate with different people. This skill should be learned from your first day on campus because you have to share your room. Relating well with your roommate makes life on campus a little easier. Be kind and polite to everyone you meet because some friendships that started from campus end up lasting a lifetime. You never know what these college friendships will lead. For example, Prince William and Kate Middleton actually met in college and now are happily married.

6. Borrow Books or Rent

Buying all the books you need is very expensive. Therefore, try to borrow from your friends or from the public library. Alternatively, rent a book from shops that offers that service.

7. Work Out

Keeping fit is important for everyone, especially for college students. Adopt a method that works for you, whether it’s enrolling in the gym or taking a morning run. Working out has a wide range of advantages which includes:

a) Improved immunity
b) Better concentration and memory retention
c) You will look good and this, in turn, boosts your self-esteem

8. Get a Side Hustle

Who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash? Having a part time job helps you earn that extra cash that every student badly needs. You get the chance to pay for some of your expenses and save. You also put your extra time to good use and avoid temptations.

9. Travel with Friends

Four years of college pass without you noticing it and therefore, it’s important to get the best out of it. Plan an adventure with your friends and either go swimming, or hiking. The trip does not have to be complicated and expensive. This is important so that you make memories and take all the photos you need. Ensure that you do that so that you don’t have any regrets after graduation.

10. Live on and Outside Campus

Living on campus can be quite a handful with co-ed bathrooms, crazy roommates and cafeteria food. However, these will help you cope with life and believe it or not; it is fun. You get dinner on time and with no hustle of preparing it.

When you live off campus, you will get freedom and learn to do certain things independently. This includes making your own meals and waking up without being pushed by your roommate. Living off campus also instills the sense of responsibility where you have to pay rent on time.

11. Get Featured On Your College’s Promotional Material

Do whatever you need to do (no extremes) and get your photo on the school magazine or on one of the brochures. You can either befriend the photographer or the printers. Alternatively, perform very well, especially in co-curricular activities and this will definitely get you a spot.

12. Study in the Field and Avoid Trouble

Studying outside class is one of the most effective method because nature gives you a peaceful and serene environment. This will help you read without being disturbed by noise and friends.

It’s also important that you keep away from trouble. Let’s face it; there is crime on campus. Stay as far as you can from dangerous areas and areas of campus that no one visits. Also keep away from drugs and substance abuse. This will help you keep away trouble with the administration.

13. Identify Important Friends

If you are the type that finds it easy to make friends, it’s important that you identify the ones that matter. The quality of friends is more important than quantity. Stick to people who will help you in a time of need. Also be the kind of friend that’s worth keeping.

14. Learn About Your Talent and Passion

Apart from studying, what else are you good at? This is the right time to nuture that talent. Be it drawing, singing or dancing, these can act as your part-time job and a way of passing time.

Know what you are passionate about as well. Passion can range from photography to writing. Pursue what you love to avoid regrets. It’s better to take a risk than regret later.

15. Get Close to Your Professor

Being a friend of your teacher will make it easier to approach them. Sometimes professors have projects that require the input of students and they pick the students who are close to them. In most of these projects, you will be paid on completion. When you have a good relationship with him/her, you can freely go into their office when you have a problem with any topic.

For most of us, getting to college is a dream we have had since we were young. When you get in, the focus changes and you will now concentrate on getting that degree. However, ensure that every minute you spend is wisely spent. Make your campus life as interesting and memorable as you can.

We hope this article helps you get the most out of your campus life. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section.

Sophia Clark is a creative writer who is working on several projects, one of them being Edubirdie. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing fiction. Her big dream is to publish a book one day. Connect with her on G+.



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