How to Meet People Before Arriving on Campus

As an incoming college student, the days and weeks leading up to the start of school can be fill with excitement. But, you’re probably also feeling a little nervous. Going to college and not knowing anyone on campus can be scary. However, there are ways to make friends before stepping on campus in the fall.

Connect with your roommate

If the housing office has not already sent you information on your roommate, that information should be coming soon. In addition to your roommate’s name, they will probably also include their phone number and email address. Reach out to your future roommate to introduce yourself and start talking about your room. Since you will be spending so much time with your roommate in the future, don’t be shy. Connecting before move-in can make the transition smoother and a little less awkward.

Connect on social media

Many colleges offer Facebook groups for incoming students. These groups allow students to connect with other new students and ask all of the questions they have before arriving on campus. If the college does not have a new student group, or if you want to connect with others, search around for other groups on Facebook and other social media platforms. Join the big groups for all students, as well as academic and extracurricular groups, if available. Start interacting with others on the pages and groups and ask your questions. The interactions on social media could lead to friendships in the future.

Connect with area alumni

If you know someone who attends the college, including alumni from your high school, connect with them. If you don’t know anyone, check with your school counselor to see if they know any students who attend the college and they may be able to provide you with an introduction. Current students at the college can be a great resource because you already know them and they may be able to introduce you to other students from your area and on campus.

Attend a regional meet-up

Some colleges offer regional meet-ups for new students. If the college you will be attending has an opportunity like this, it is a great way to meet other students. Not only will you be able to possibly make friendships, you may meet a travel partner who could travel with you when coming home during breaks.

Participate in orientation

If new student orientation is voluntary, consider attending. In addition to giving new students information about the college, other new students in the same situation as you will be there.  You will get an introduction to the college and meet many new students who could be friends.

Going away to college can be scary. However, you will make friends! To make the transition to college a little less scary, try reaching out to students before walking on campus so you’ll have friends when you get there.

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