Upcoming Test Prep Webinars from Noodle

Prepping for the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT?

Join Noodle at one of their popular webinar series. Tailored to the specific needs of each test, these FREE webinars are designed and hosted by some of their most in-demand tutors, and offer insights you simply can’t find elsewhere on the web.

SAT Subject Tests: Everything You Need To Know

(Thursday March 15th, 7pm ET)

If you’re the parent of a high schooler, you’ve probably heard of the SAT Subject Tests, but don’t know where to start with them. How many Subject Tests should your student take? How should he or she study? Do colleges really care? When do most people take Subject Tests? Are some easier than others? Join longtime tutor (and fellow parent) Brendan Mernin on their exclusive webinar on the SAT Subject Tests. Brendan will answer all of these questions (and more) in this informational webinar for parents.

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MCAT Boot Camp: 10 Skills For MCAT Mastery

(Tuesday March 20th, 1pm ET)

If you have already begun prepping for your MCAT, you know that it’s impossible to absorb the content without hours of classwork, lab work, and studying. But there’s more to high scores than content knowledge. Join Doug McLemore, veteran MCAT tutor, in this webinar on the 10 skills for MCAT mastery. Doug will demystify and destress the MCAT by equipping you with 10 basic skills for mastering the test. From “AMSRing” a question to “RAZing” the answers, these tips will help you power through even the most difficult passages and questions — and stay calm and collected as you do so.

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The June LSAT: What You Need To Know

(Wednesday March 21st, 7pm ET)

Whether you’re still recovering from the February 10 LSAT, or are anxiously awaiting your very first test administration, you know that preparation is everything. With that in mind, join Noodle Pros Founding Tutor and LSAT expert Jonathan Arak for an informational webinar all about the June 2018 exam. As an LSAT tutor for more than 25 years, Jonathan is deeply familiar with every part of the test. In this webinar, he will address the unique challenges and opportunities of the June exam, including:

  • Test timing — what to expect from a 1pm start time?
  • Balancing end-of-May responsibilities (final exams, work deadlines) with LSAT prep
  • Planning a study schedule between now and June
  • How to manage stress/ anxiety

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Can’t make a session? RSVP anyway – Noodle will send recordings out to all registered attendees after each webinar.

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