11 Painless Studying Tips That Boost College Success

Stepping into a college as a freshman or as a sophomore is something that every student looks forward to. It is that time of a student’s life where he or she is trying to absorb every piece of information that comes their way.

As exciting entering a college may sound, it also comes with a huge responsibility. Every student aspires to complete their college studies with flying colors. However, achieving success academically in college may be challenging.

Now that your vision is clear and you want to succeed academically in college, how do you get to that pinnacle of success? How does a student surpass his or her classmates in obtaining good grades? The answer lies in the three “D’s”: Discipline, Determination, and Dedication.

Discipline, Determination, and Dedication make up the foundation for academic success in college. Apart from the three D’s mentioned, you can use all of the no-nonsense and practical methods mentioned below to study. These key points will help you break down any complex challenges and anxiety that you face while studying.

Keeping Focused

While starting with any kind of study, it is absolutely necessary that one should stay focused. Focusing on a particular task at hand can prove to be extremely beneficial. With concentration you will be able to achieve success in a set task and accomplish it in a set time.

While studying, prepare your mind to be totally dedicated to achieving a goal of completing a chapter or an assignment in a given time frame. This will help you attain your objective in a much-channelized way. In case you have attention deficiency you can refer this site which might be of great help.

Time Management

Time once lost can never be gained. Make sure that you micromanage your studies. Divide the 24 hours effectively by segregating your college hours, your library study time, project work and assignments.

Make a schedule for every study activity that you take up. This will help you effectively multitask and also teach you the art of time management which will prove will be of great help when you genuinely are in a time crunch.


One of the most effective ways to study is memorization. Start developing your brain to develop the power of capturing data and retaining it for a longer duration. To get your memory sharpened towards memorization, start brainstorming over a particular topic on how you will try and recall all the information. Long-term memory should be the focused goal.

Create mind maps that will help recall the details easily. Combine techniques where you use innovative ways by rhyming words or use music that will help you recall a particular topic or information. The ultimate way to memorize things is the classic way of reciting and repeating.

Taking Notes

A lot of students underestimate the power of jotting down notes. This is the most crucial method of keeping on track with what is been taught in class. When a college professor shares an important note, it should be quickly written down so it will serve as great reference material. Well organized notes will help you in systematic studying as it will be much easier in locating any particular content when needed to be referred.

Developing reading habits

Whether in school or college, a student must develop a healthy habit towards reading. Reading brings in a vast amount of benefits. Firstly, it opens up the can of knowledge which is exhaustive. Reading improves brain power as it develops a capacity to retain more information as compared to a student who is averse to reading. It also improves communication and can increase your vocabulary.

Make flashcards

Remembering huge volumes of information during studying can be burdensome. The smart and effective way out of this problem is by making flashcards. Flashcards are nothing but small pointers that have a question on one side and the answer on the other.

Preparing effective Academic Assignment

Students must consider the academic assignment as an extension of their studies, instead of a burden. By proper research, understanding the subject, strategizing and collecting information, an academic assignment can help you learn the material at hand.

Taking advantage of school resources

There are other resources that can be utilized beyond library hours. Some colleges give access to labs, studios, and some other special facilities. Students should take advantage of these offers been granted by the college. This will help you improve your knowledge without actually spending on any of these activities independently.

Take Action!

A lot of students receive advice and counseling regarding studying. But most of them fail to implement the advice and counseling they have received.  For the students who have taken advice from individuals, they must focus only on the advice that is most applicable to them. After this, they must put the advice into action.

Minimize distractions

The biggest hindrance to your studies is distraction. Once a student is distracted, the goals and missions are being compromised. Get rid of all the distractions, such as your phone, television, Internet, and laptop. This will help you concentrate better on your studies and you will see a substantial amount of college work being completed.

Work on oral presentation skills

Making great presentations for a class is great. However, what is the use of a great presentation when you cannot explain the information thoroughly? Unfortunately, public speaking is the most feared tool for most students.

A student must develop his or her speaking skills by practicing every day. Practice is the only way to perfection. Prepare a script of what you are going to say, prepare small pointers and try to elaborate those pointers through words. Rehearse time and again in front of a mirror or in front of your family or friends. This will boost your confidence levels for speaking in front of professors and external elevators.

The key points mentioned above should not only provide a good read for you. Instead you should take up these points as a call to action. Students must be pro-active and take up studying with a single focus on achieving the target of obtaining a great grade.

Nishant Sinha is the co-founder of Transtutors.com, an online homework help platform for students of Graduation and Post-Graduation level. It has been his passion and vision to help the students across the globe that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He can rightly be called an optimistic entrepreneur and passionate educationist. You can check his LinkedIn, Facebook profile to know more about him.


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  1. I like all the three ‘D’ studying tips you give to boost success in college, discipline, determination, and dedication. I agree that this is an essential quality to succeed not just in studies but in all aspects of life. With these tips, you are sure to nail Academic Program and be able to reach that Graduate Degree

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