Tips to Juggle College Life and a Part-Time Job

Having a part-time job as a college-student is not an option these days. Thanks to sky-high tuition and fees, each one of us has to spare a few hours every week to earn those extra bucks. While you would ideally want to relax and binge on the latest season of Game Of Thrones, it is very important to have a substantial source of income to sustain college life. Managing academics and work along with having a social life (and catching up on those lost Zzzz’s) seems pretty scary. But, it is actually quite doable. Read on to discover some foolproof tips on how to survive college life while working part-time.

Tip #1 – Choose a job with flexible timing

One of the biggest hurdles college students face while working a part-time is a rigid work-routine. As students, you have an extremely varying time-table. Some days you have back-to-back lectures and tests. On others, you have long weekends and holidays. To make this work in the best way possible in your favor, choose a job which fits easily in your schedule. Something that can be adjusted or moved around so that you still get time for your main job, which is academics. On-campus jobs are great for flexible schedules. Shift jobs such as in retail stores or restaurants are also great for students.

Also, make sure that your supervisor is well-aware of your academic schedule beforehand so that he/she knows what kind of job responsibilities you will be able to handle.

Tip #2 – Create a plan. Stick to it.

Every single day.

Now when I say, create a plan I mean that you need to make a list of your priorities and give time to those according to their relative importance. Morning jog, attending lectures, doing homework, trip to the library- all of these fall in the important category. Remove activities from your schedule which are unnecessary time wasters such as browsing through Facebook or going out with friends every Saturday night. Initially it will be difficult getting rid of the time wasters (because, honestly speaking, those are the activities we love doing). But if you want to earn your living through college, you need to pull up your socks and show more discipline.

Tip #3 – Find the “Why” of it

No discipline or self-control tactic is going to work in the long run unless you keep yourself motivated. The easiest and most effective technique for this is to make a “Why” list. This list should include all your daily activities with a neat and realistic purpose attached to it. Why do you want to take up that clerical post at your university’s admissions office? Why do you want to spend your time packing grocery for others when you could be spending it catching up with friends? Why are you going to devote those precious weekend hours freelancing as a writer?

Until and unless you get to the core reasons for taking up the part-time job, you won’t be able to justify all that extra-slogging. And soon you will find yourself caught inexplicably between lectures and work, completely drained out of energy and motivation. Reminding yourself again and again the real purpose behind your jam-packed schedule will give you the mental strength and determination to power your way through college.

Tip #4 – Don’t forget to…breathe…

It is great to have that extra-ordinary energy level where you can attend your classes, make regular trips to the library, complete your assignments on time and still be able to devote 20+ hours each week to your job. But, the biggest flaw to this plan is the inevitable burnout which is going to suck you in sooner or later. As human beings, we all have a finite limit of energy. If we push our bodies and minds beyond that threshold, the result is going to be counter-productive.

What is the solution then? Breathe and take it slow. Whichever job you take up, make sure you get enough time to unwind and sleep. Give yourself some breathing space. Spend some time talking with your family and friends. Reserve one day to things you like – hiking, swimming, pottery, or dance- anything that you like and that de-stresses you. Just your phone, you need to recharge too. This is going to help to maintain an efficient study-work-life balance better.

Nicole Cunha is a career counselor and an assignment writer. She has helped students in various universities in the UK with their academics and career choices over the last six years. All you need to do is tell her do my assignment United Kingdom, and she can stay up the whole night with just a cup of coffee, studying the subject.



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