10 Winter Break Tasks for College Bound Students

Winter break is a great time of year. In addition to being able to sleep in, many of us get the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Winter break is also a great time to catch up on the things you have been too busy to complete while in school. If you are a college bound student who wants to have a productive winter break, check out these ten tasks you might want to consider doing during your time off.

1. Rest

The school year can take a lot out of you. Classes, studying, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, etc. There is a lot going on when you’re in school, and unfortunately, many students do not get enough rest. Take some time during your time off from school to relax and get the must needed rest you need.

2. Scholarships

No matter what grade you are in, there are scholarships out there for you. It’s never too early or late to start searching for and applying for scholarships. Start organizing your scholarship search by prioritizing scholarships by due dates. Save time applying for scholarships by looking through essays you have already written for past scholarships or schoolwork and see if there are any you can recycle. Just make sure to edit the essays to work for each particular scholarship.

3. Read

There are so many benefits to reading, including mental stimulation, stress reduction, gaining knowledge, and improving memory. The school year does not always allow for reading outside of required textbooks, but winter break might give you a chance for a little extra reading.

4. Volunteer

Spending your time helping others makes you feel good and can help with college applications. Find something you are passionate about and see if you can lend an extra hand during your time off from school. Many charities would be happy for any help you can provide.

5. Research colleges

No matter if you are a freshman in high school or a high school senior who has already sent in your applications, you can always learn more about the colleges you are considering. Getting as much information as you can about a college can help you to make the best decision for you when the time to choose a college comes.

6. Test Prep

The SAT and ACT are not like the tests you take in school. Learn more about these tests and do some preparation. There are many free test preparation programs online. Or, if you think you might need a little extra help, learn about test prep companies that can help you one-on-one.

7. Clean up social media

Social media has started coming into play in college admission, scholarships, and jobs. Make sure you are presenting yourself in a positive light on social media. Things such as bad language, unprofessional behavior, and constant negativity could hurt your chances. Some colleges, scholarships, and employers will look you up and some will not. To be safe, make sure there is nothing you wouldn’t be proud of online.

8. Catch-up

If you have fallen behind in school work or things on your “to do” list, work to get back on track. It’s never fun to be behind because it typically causes stress that you do not need.

9. Finish college applications and essays

If there are still applications that need to be submitted, make sure to complete your applications and submit them before the deadline.

10. Submit the FAFSA

Paying for college is probably the most important factor for many students. Therefore, make sure you submit your FAFSA and any other financial aid documents required by the colleges to be considered for financial aid.

Enjoy your time off from school!

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