March 2017 Newsletter

March 2017 Newsletter | JLV College Counseling

We are only a few short months away from the summer. Here’s are a few quick tips for each grade level and what they should be doing in March.

Freshmen & Sophomores: Keep your grades up! Start thinking about constructive summer plans such as volunteer work, a part-time job, or summer educational programs. Colleges love seeing students who are active and summer is a great time to do something meaningful.

Juniors: Finish the semester strong. Spring semester grades will be the last grades on your transcript many colleges will see when they are reviewing your application. Sign up for the SAT or ACT and make sure to do some prep before the test. Start or continue thinking about your college list and start visiting some of the colleges you are considering.

Seniors: Congratulations on your acceptance letters! If you were not admitted to some of the colleges you applied, it is okay! Don’t dwell on the bad, but enjoy your successes! Pay attention to your email and mail and respond to any correspondence from the colleges you are considering. Some colleges may need additional information to make decisions on admissions and/or financial aid. Don’t miss your chance by not responding. Continue doing well in your studies, but also remember to enjoy the last few months of high school!

College Decision TipMarch 2017 Newsletter | JLV College Counseling

As admissions decisions come in and financial aid letters arrive, take everything into consideration when making your decision. Even though a college may be a great academic and social fit, the college needs to be a good financial fit as well. Unfortunately your dream college may not come through with the best financial aid award for your family. Taking on too much financial debt or saying you will figure out the finances during the summer is not always the best decision. Have a conversation as a family to determine if the college you are leaning toward is financially possible for your family.

March 2017 Newsletter | JLV College CounselingCollege Search Tip

Unfortunately many students make mistakes during the college search process. As you are searching for colleges that are good financial fits, remember that you are the one attending that will be attending college. Parents, teachers, and friends will give recommendations. Or, someone you know is already attending a college. Just because a college is a good fit for someone you know does not mean it will be a good fit for you. Do your research to ensure you add colleges that are good fits academically, socially, and financially for you.

Scholarship TipMarch 2017 Newsletter | JLV College Counseling

Applying for scholarships can seem overwhelming. Some students try to cram in all of the searching and applying for scholarships into one day. Instead, schedule a little time each week for scholarships. Stay consistent and continue applying throughout the year. Don’t forget to check out the scholarships with March and April deadlines.

Have a great March! If you ever have any questions or think there is an article that could be helpful, send me a message. My goal is to help students and their parents as much as I can as they move through the college admissions and financial aid process.

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