4 Interesting Subjects To Look Into During Your College Years

Guest post from Kara Masterson

4 Interesting Subjects To Look Into During Your College Years | Guest Post from Kara Masterson | JLV College Counseling BlogChoosing a college major does not come easy to everyone. Sometimes students have no idea what they want to study, while others have many interest. Kara Masterson gives us a few interesting subjects to explore.

When you attend a college or a university, you have the unique opportunity to choose your own scholastic path. You can pursue subjects that might not have been available to you anywhere else. So here are a few interesting subjects that you can explore during your college years.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a fascinating field of study. Part physics and part biology, chemical engineering studies the way materials are made on the molecular level. In this field nature is your greatest teacher and you’ll explore ways to mimic how the natural world builds materials from the microscopic level outward to the objects and organisms we see in our everyday world. You get to experiment with chemistry and build new materials, as well. As a degree holder, you can expect a high paying salary working with pharmaceutical brands, oil and gas suppliers, and civil services.

Oceanography and Coastal Science

Studying the oceans and marine life has always been a subject of interest for college students. However, oceanography and coastal science is becoming even more popular as people become more aware of the instability of marine eco-systems. The ocean covers seventy percent of the Earth and houses most of the world’s living organisms. A degree in Oceanography and Coastal Science would put you at the forefront of our endeavors to gain a deeper understanding of climate change. There are plenty of practical implications and jobs for degree holders such as marine weather forecasting, marine research specialist, and coastal remediation.

International Relations

People are more connected now than any other time in human history. We live in a globally diverse society and a degree in International Relations is extremely lucrative and vital. The course work encompasses many different disciplines and cross-sections. You will be required to analyze how nations and societies have interacted in terms of global business, politics, and social relations. A great deal of what you’ll learn has to do with global conflicts like World War 2 and the far-reaching implications of their outcomes. If you have an international relations master’s degree, you can go on to work in humanitarian relief, government administration or even open your own international relations consultancy.

Political Science

Political science is a popular major for college students because it’s constantly changing. You study historical data, but analyze it against the backdrop of current affairs. You not only learn about how governments function, but you’ll learn a great deal about human nature, as well. By studying election campaigns, government administration, and political ideals, you’ll be developing analytical skills that are invaluable to several different industries. A political science degree is an obvious precursor to law school or work in the criminal justice field. Yet, you aren’t just limited to government jobs. You can become an educator, a journalist or high-level business executive.

Your college years are one of the few times in your life when you’ll get to explore different fields of study. There are plenty of interesting courses that excite the imagination and challenge your ambition. So, delve into the possibilities and always keep learning.

Kara Masterson | Guest Blogger on JLV College Counseling BlogKara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Find Kara on Facebook.


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