Headed to NACAC 2015

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post this quick blog to let you now I am heading to the NACAC Conference in San Diego. For students and parents reading this, NACAC stands for the National Association for College Admission Counseling. The organization brings together admissions officers, school counselors, educational consultants and others who help students in the college admissions process. Many of the organization students work with will also be attending, such as College Board, ACT, and the College Board. The conference is about learning about new trends and news in college admissions, as well as networking with others in the profession.

For school counselors and other educational consultants – if you see me at the conference, please say hello. I’d love to connect. I’ve attended many NACAC conferences in the past, but I was an admission officer back then. This will be my first NACAC as a college counselor and I’m very excited to connect with other college counselors.

After the conference, and possibly during the conference, I’ll share any news I learn that can be beneficial to you. Talk to you soon!

3 Comments on “Headed to NACAC 2015

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