The College Craft: How to Finish the Last Lap in Style

Guest blogger Thrive Lubbock shares important things to do during your senior year in college

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The Secrets and Importance of Building Your Professional Network in College

Networking in college is one of the smartest thing a college student can do. Thrive Lubbock has 5 tips on who to network with and how to get started.

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5 FAFSA Filing Tips to Maximize Your College Financial Aid

College is getting more expensive. Maximize your federal student aid by following these 5 FAFSA filing tips and make college more affordable.

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An Introvert’s Guide to Your First College Roommate

Having roommates as an introvert can be tough. Follow these 5 tips from Thrive Lubbock for living with a roommate to make the college transition a little easier.

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7 Brilliant Ways to Maximize Your Earnings in College

Nobody likes being broke in college. Read about our 7 most clever ways to maximize your earnings in college today!

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