Reasons to connect with colleges

Many students choose to stay anonymous during their college search. However, there are many reasons and benefits to letting colleges know you’re interested.

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What to do after submitting your tuition deposit

Congratulations on submitting your tuition deposit! Here are 12 things to do after sending in your tuition deposit.

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7 pages to visit on college websites

College websites have a lot of pages. Prospective students should visit these seven pages when researching colleges.

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Summer college prep for rising seniors

Are you a rising senior? Here are some things to consider doing this summer to prepare for the college admissions process.

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7 Tips For Rising Seniors – #7 – Start your College Essays

The college admissions essay is the thing that is going to set you apart in the college admissions process. Don’t wait until the last minute to write your essay. Starting writing your essays during the summer!

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