4 Benefits of Taking a Gap Year in College

Is a gap year for you? Guest blogger Emma Sturgis shares some advantages of taking a gap year.

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3 Healthcare Careers To Consider That Don’t Require You To Be A Doctor

Want to work in the medical field, but don’t want to be a doctor? Guest blogger Emma Sturgis shares three career paths to consider

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History Buff: How Education Has Drastically Improved Poverty Over Time

Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis shares how education has a direct correlation with the reduction of poverty.

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Check The List: 4 Health Exams You Need Before Studying Abroad

If you’re planning on studying abroad, make sure to take care of your health before leaving. Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis shares four exams you may need before studying abroad.

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Green Collar Professionals: Top 4 Degrees to Help Protect the Environment

Are you interested in protecting the environment? Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis gives us four majors for students who want to save the environment.

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