Choosing the right safety schools

The importance of choosing the right safety schools.

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Other factors to consider when researching colleges

Majors, activities, and location are common factors students look for in a college. However, here are other factors students should also consider when researching colleges.

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8 Tips for Easing Pre-May 1 Anxiety and Making Your Final College Choice

The last few months of senior year can be very stressful. Here are some tips on easing the anxiety as we head towards May 1 and things to consider as you make your final college choice.

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Mistakes in the college search process

The college search process can be overwhelming. However, if done properly, students will find the best college fit for them. Therefore, avoid these common mistakes in the college search process.

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7 Tips For Rising Seniors – #1 – College List

I have 7 tips for rising seniors – #1 is Building and Narrowing Down your College List

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