Utah Scholarship

Scholarships for students Utah. Some scholarships specifically open to Utah students, and others give preference to students in Utah.

BD Scholarship
Sponsor: Becton, Dickinson and Company | UNCF
Amount: $10,000
Closing Date: February 1, 2022
Description: Scholarship is open to current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors majoring in communications, computer science, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, life sciences, microbiology, finance, global health, ,nursing, science technology, or sociology. Applicant must be from New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Arizona, Utah, or California.

RMCMI Scholarships
Sponsor: Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute
Amount: Varies
Closing Date: March 1, 2022
Description: Scholarships are open to current college students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and living in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, or Wyoming. Applicant must be studying in a field that will lead to a career in the coal industry (Engineering, Geology, etc.)

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